Reflection of a Fruit and Vegetable Only Diet for 3 days

When I was eight years old, I did a fruit and vegetable only diet for three days with my brother and parents. We were very committed to do this and really excited. After the first meal, I was crying and throwing a big tantrum, because I wasn’t used to eating only fruit and vegetables. My mom was talking to me asking what I thought was “real food”, we compromised because I said I really wanted peanut butter.  Peanut Butter, is one of my favorite foods and always has been. It’s nostalgic because growing up before my teenage years, I had peanut butter sandwiches and banana boats with peanut butter inside. My favorite thing to eat when about seven, was two frozen eggo waffles, toasted, with peanut butter and banana as a sandwich.


When we did the fruit diet peanut butter and beans helped me get through the three day diet.  When I think of it now through the perspective of the eight-year-old boy, it was hell. Looking back I think it taught me so much about healthy eating and what our body actually needs and how we feel after eating certain foods.

As a chef, you have to be familiare with all foods, and understand what they do to our bodies. There was a time I only ate hot pockets for years. I find it fascinating that only a few years can change your palette COMPLETELY.

Anyway, my mom was the one who got me through the three days and I will say, she was the reason why I enjoyed those three days. And yes, I would love to do it again.  No, there will not be any crying and me saying “VEGETABLES AREN’T REAL FOOD!!!!!” But this time it will be so much easier because I’m comfortable with all foods and vegetables (finally) and won’t have to rely on peanut butter to get me through 72 hours of my life.

Tricia Estrada