Who doesn't love dessert!

One of the first things I started making all by myself was desserts!  Parties, and cakes were always fun things to share with family and friends.   So I started learning to make different desserts.  Cakes, and cupcakes, brownies, even flourless brownies.   My family likes to eat healthy, so one time I made flourless zucchini brownies with chocolate chunks!

Baking and sharing desserts is so much fun!  The fun part is there are so many ways to be totally creative with both flavors and presentation!    I didn't have the right tools to start, and I used a ziplock bag to pipe the icing at first, and then once I got real piping bags and different tips I had so much fun designing the delicious deserts!

There was a time when I was making a different dessert every few days!  After my family gained a few pounds they pleaded to move on to savory dishes :)    So I made sure to make the no sugar added flourless zuchinni brownies one more time!  Then moved to delicous savory foods!

Tricia Estrada