Pura Vida Cooking!

Most of my Grandma's family lives in Costa Rica, and I have visited Costa Rica many times.  It is a beautiful country with amazing food!  My most recent trip in July 2016, I went to Costa Rica to learn special family recipes from my Great Grandma!   It was such an amazing time, cooking with family in the kitchen and learning her special recipes!  

I learned so many delicous recipies, and had such a great time spending time in the kitchen with my Aunts and Great Grandma! We used one of my very favorite ingredient for this arrollado cake - dulce de leche!!!


The first recipe we I learned was with my Tia Jani, cooking Platano, which is part of the Banana family.   You don't eat a platano raw, and you have to cook it before eating it.   We made it deliciously glazed in butter and sugar.   You can sauté them, or bake, or even fry them in to chips. 

The next recipes were more delicious and traditional Costa Rican cuisine.  Yucca, another family favorite, we boiled and then fried to make crispy yucca frita.  

Coconut Flan

An especially traditional dish made in Costa Rica is Arroz con Pollo.   This dish is something that is perfect for a large family gathering or celebrating holidays!

Tricia Estrada