My passion for cooking was created by my love of culture (and music)

When I was 8, my Brother and Mom were traveling a lot since my brother loves to act.    My Dad and I got to spend a lot of time together while my brother was filming.   My Dad introduced me to different music, and I loved the band ABBA!  I loved the music, and wanted to learn everything about them.     

My Dad found a show on TV called New Scandinavian Cooking.  Since it was about Scandinavia and my favorite band was from Sweden, I loved watching it and learning about Scandinavia.  After watching a few shows, I asked my Dad if we could try to cook some of the recipes.   We bought all of the ingredients and I trying to loved learning new recipes and learn culture at the same time!    I learned to make Swedish meatballs, leg of lamb and Glögg (mulled wine).    Check out my video below when I made Stuffed Leg of Lamb!  

Watching recipes on television was so visually engaging, I started watching everything I could related to cooking!  I am a very visual learner and have a great visual memory, so most things that I watched, I remember.   I then found Food Network, and became a Food Network Junkie!!

Tricia Estrada