Inside the Kitchen of an Incredible Restaurant!

Incredible Experience in the Herb and Wood Kitchen!


I was invited into the kitchen of Herb and Wood to cook, ACTUALLY COOK, dishes for my family!  I met Brian Malarkey, head chef, and he took me back into his kitchen and introduced me to the incredible chefs on his team!  Brian and his team have an amazing system at Herb and Wood, and every dish is made with such flavor and perfection! 

Together with their guidance, I created some amazing dishes that I was able to present to my parents and grandparents! They have incredible dishes on their menu, seared scallops, fresh salads, Tuna Tartare, Grilled Iberico Pork, Gnocchi and so much more!  

Working in the back of a real restaurant was amazing! I would do it again and again every night!  I think they should lower the legal age of working to 12!  Child labor should be allowed. 

Tricia Estrada