Turn my Troubles into a Trifle!

Dulce De Leche Trifles

I love making desserts!  Cakes and cupcakes are things that most everyone loves and are things people eat to celebrate and bring to a party!   I have tried making many different types of cakes and cupcakes!  And usually they turn out delicious.

One time, I must have done something wrong because when taking out my cakes from the pans, they came out in pieces.  I was very disappointed because, it was suppose to be my moms birthday cake!    But I found a way to make it work!  I turned the cake pieces into delicious layered trifles!  This is sort of like making a parfait out of cake, and frosting and other delicious layers!


Remember if things don’t always turn out how you plan… there is always another way!

Tricia Estrada