Fresh Fish!

Tromso Fishing

Norway is very well known for its seafood!  And its hard to find anything fresher than fish in Norway.  While I was there, I got to taste some incredible fish.  We went to the famous Bergen Fish Market, and I we bought some amazing smoked salmon for our train ride through the fjords.  It was incredible, smoked salmon topped with cream cheese and apricot jam!

Then we traveled north to the city of Tromso in the Artic, land of the midnight sun, and we got to go fishing and we caught our own Cod and our skipper made fresh fisksuppe on the boat for us to enjoy!  That was such an amazing memory!  I caught the biggest fish of the trip.

Ending our trip in Kristiansand, we tested hand picked cloudberreies from the mountains of Norway!  The freshest berries you can find, topped with fresh whipped cream!  My mouth is watering thinking of it!

Tricia Estrada